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Cooking With cHarissa

cooking-with-charissa.jpgCharissa Makes Good Cooks Great Cooks

cHarissa is the unique Montana-to-Morocco spice that melds with your own good ingredients. It doesn’t smother like other condiments. It blends to spice up everything and that’s why it’s good on everything from snacks to sumptuous meals, from salads to veggies, from barbecue to burgers.

Pan-fry shrimp in butter with cHarissa dry rub or seasoning one minute each side – Delicious and so quick!

Spread cHarissa on a baked or roasted potato - this is comfort food.

Eggs…yum! All eggs are great with cHarissa. Plop some on top of fried eggs of scrambled, into soft-boiled or poached eggs. Egg salad is fantastic with cHarissa too.

Try cHarissa as a dry rub with chicken or ribs. Use more from the jar for your barbecue for a double whammy favor.

Quick salad dressing comes from cHarissa and mayonnaise. Glorifies every salad, and makes an unbeatable sandwich too.

Kids love cHarissa on vegetables. You’ll be surprised how fast veggies disappear from their plates, how they ask for more. Raw or cooked, they’re a big success with children.

Open a bag of popcorn and toss with cHarissa. Makes a wonderful snack for the whole family on TV nights.

Spice up your catch with cHarissa. It’s made from 100 percent natural ingredients and is free of gluten, sugar and MSG. Anything tastes better with cHarissa cooked in or straight from the jar.

Try cHarissa with fluke, porgy, sea bass, salmon or snapper. Mix a half cup of extra virgin olive oil and juice from two lemons or limes, baste and taste to your satisfaction. Delicious.

Try a spinach experiment with your kids. Cook one portion with a little salt, then plop a spoonful of cHarissa on top. Watch the spinach disappear. Great with beans and peas, too.

We dared to try cHarissa on top of chocolate ice cream. The good spicy taste extends the chocolate flavor, makes it taste like a new treat. This is only for the brave among you. (We have even tried it on Boston cream pie)

Guacamole cHarissa! Half an onion chopped, half a tomato chopped and one avocado. Combine with a teaspoon of cHarissa and one teaspoon on mayonnaise. Serve with wheat thins or your favorite cracker.

cHarissa Cobb Salad. Chop all of your favorite vegetables and drizzle with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and cHarissa. Sophisticated!

Good on Everything. cHarissa brings out the best in all kinds of foods, makes them taste better than ever. It turns you from a good cook to a great cook in no time flat. You’ll see.

You could duplicate the power of cHarissa with a lot of chopping, mixing, measuring and stirring. But why bother? cHarissa is so easy to use right from the jar and you just sprinkle the rub on whatever you like. Why would you eat without it.

No mess, no fuss. cHarissa never needs refrigeration so just keep in nearby on your counter and try it on everything ‘cause cHarissa taste good and is good on everything.

It took a man from Montana and a girl from Morocco to cook up cHarissa – the condiment that turns good cooks into great cooks.

cHarissa turns ketchup green with envy. It has no sugar (like ketchup) and has a luscious smooth texture that tames your favorite spicy foods. If you add one new thing to your kitchen, make sure it’s cHarissa It’s the world’s favorite cumin-based flavor, No wonder it’s creating a stir everywhere.

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