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Legends Celebrity Chef – Earl Fultz – Features cHarissa Spiced Lamb Sliders at Yankee Stadium Restaurant! Photos by Randee Daddona (SEE THE PHOTOS).

It’s Good on Everything!

cHarissa Authentic Seasoning created in America by Moroccan native, Gloria Fultz for her American children, grandchildren and especially her husband (from Montana) Earl Fultz. A great tasting cumin-based spice elevates the flavor of any food that it accompanies. This universal condiment will transform any meat, fish, vegetable or even day old pizza into an exciting and flavorful dish. Integrating our healthy yet delicious seasoning to your savory sustenance requires just a spoonful! But don’t be shy for cHarissa is “thoroughly addictive!”


The perfect complement...and healthy too

Everyone knows what to expect when you add ketchup or mustard to food. These condiments, saturated with sugar and preservatives, simply smother taste. cHarissa, on the other hand, compliments food and enhances its natural flavor with every bite. In addition, cumin, being the main ingredient in cHarissa, has a long list of health benefits. Made from natural ingredients, it’s 100% free of sugar, gluten and MSG.


" Once I had a taste (of cHarissa) I knew I had to have it"
Matt Gibson, executive chef at Legends Hospitality, Yankee Stadium

" If you like good food, you'll love cHarissa"
— Faith Middleton, host of WNPR The Faith Middleton Show, and The Food Smooze

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